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Lower Body Workout 15 Of The Best Exercises Openfit

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1. Dumbbell squat. Stand with your feet hip to shoulder-width apart, holding a pair of dumbbells at arm’s length by your sides. Keeping your back flat, chest up, and core braced, push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
2. Dumbbell goblet squat. Hold a dumbbell vertically in front of your chest, cupping the top end in both hands. Stand with your feet hip- to shoulder-width apart.
3. Bulgarian split squat. Stand facing away from a bench, holding a pair of dumbbells at arm’s length by your sides. Place the toes of your left foot on the bench behind you.
4. Lateral lunge (or side lunge) Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart holding a pair of dumbbells at arm’s length by your sides, palms in. Keeping your right leg straight and right foot on the floor, step to the left side with your left leg, then push your hips back as you bend your left knee.
5. Glute bridge. Lie on your back, arms down by your sides. Bend your knees and plant your feet flat on the floor. Pull in through your navel to brace your core muscles and then squeeze your glutes to press your hips up so your body forms a straight line — no arching — from knees to shoulders.
6. Camel. From a kneeling position, with your butt resting on your heels and the tops of your feet on the floor, hold a heavy dumbbell at your chest with both hands.
7. Single-leg hinge with loop. Loop a resistance band around your left foot, and grip it with your right hand as you rise up to stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart and your knees slightly bent.
8. Forward lunge. Stand tall holding a pair of dumbbells at arm’s length by your sides (palms in) with your feet hip-width apart. Keeping your chest up, shoulders back, core braced (imagine someone is about to hit you in the gut), and back flat, take a large step forward with your right foot.
9. Reverse lunge. Stand with your feet hip-width apart holding a pair of dumbbells at your sides. Keeping your chest up and your core engaged, take a large step backward with your right foot.
10. Curtsy lunge. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. If you use a weight, hold it in front of your chest, as you did with the goblet squat. Keeping your back flat and your core engaged, step your left foot behind and outside your right foot, lowering your hips until your right thigh is parallel with the floor, lowering the weight as you step your left foot behind you.
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The Importance Of Lower Body Strength Training

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1. Back Squat. For a classic back squat with a barbell, stand with the bar across your upper back with your feet shoulder-width apart. To initiate the movement, shift your hips back and bend your knees as if you were going to sit down on a chair.
2. Front Squat. For this squat variation, weight the front of your shoulders and upper chest. Follow the same steps as the back squat, while working to keep your chest up by engaging your upper and lower back muscles.
3. Deadlift. With the barbell on the ground, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your mid foot under the bar. Bend forward and grip the bar with your arms against the outside of your knees.
4. Side Lunge. Holding two dumbbells at your sides, step one leg out to the side. Hold the dumbbells either side of the stepping knee as you shift your hips back into a squat-like position on the stepping leg while keeping the trailing leg straight.
5. Calf Raise. Holding two dumbbells by your sides, stand on a step or raised surface with the balls of your feet, allowing your heels to hang down. Slowly push through the front of your feet to raise your heels as high as you can, then slowly lower back down and repeat.
6. Jump Squats. This plyometric move can be performed just with your bodyweight or holding weights by your sides. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
7. Jumping Lunges. Start with one foot stepped forward in a staggered stance. Lower your back knee to the ground. Drive through the front heel to jump up and switch your feet in mid-air.
8. Depth Jump. This athletic exercise involves stepping off a box or step, landing on both feet, and immediately jumping as high as possible. After landing, step back up onto the box and complete the next rep.
9. Standing Long Jump. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. While squatting down, swing the arms back. As you drive the arms forward, jump forward as far as possible, landing with the feet in front and catching the weight in your heels to avoid falling forward.
10. Sled Runs. Hold the sled handles and lower yourself until your shoulders are in line with your hands. With straight arms, lean forward, keep your chest down, and drive through the legs to power the sled forward.

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5 Powerful Lower Body Strength Routines Breaking Muscle

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The Benefits of Building Lower-Body Strength Livestrong.com

1. Author: Tom Kelso
Published: Jan 02, 2020
Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins
2. 50–40–30–20–10. A lower body workout consisting of five different multi-joint exercises done for 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 repetitions to volitional muscular fatigue, followed by a hamstring and abdominal exercise.
3. 15 – 10 -5. A lower body workout consisting of three multi-joint exercises, a hamstring, and an abdominal exercise done for three rounds of 15, 10, and 5 repetitions to volitional muscular fatigue.
4. Leg Press Strip Sets. A lower body workout where a leg press is performed in strip-set overload protocol: four consecutive sets to volitional muscular fatigue using reduced resistances on the second, third, and fourth sets.
5. One of Everything. A combination of high, medium, and low repetitions in a lower body workout consisting of ten different exercises performed to volitional muscular fatigue, including the abdominals.
6. 3 x 3. A lower body workout performed by alternating a multi-joint, hamstring, and another multi-joint exercise to volitional muscular fatigue for three rounds with no rest between each exercise and a 1:00 rest between rounds.

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Lower Body Leg Workout Exercises And Routines For The …

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If you're looking for lower body exercises that adds more size and symmetry to your lower body muscles, then you need to read this article. This article is a continuation of my "upper body workout" post where I discuss how to best set up your upper body workouts.In this article however, we'll cover how to set up your lower body workouts based on current …

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The Complete Lower Body Routine For More Muscle …

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Published: Nov 18, 2016
1. Front Squat. LEVEL UP DIFFERENCE: Replacing back squats with front squats puts more emphasis on the quads than the glutes and will help keep your torso more upright.
2. Leg Extension. LEVEL UP DIFFERENCE: In the original Straight Up workout, leg extensions served as a pre-exhaust before squats. Here, they serve first as an easy warmup before front squats, then as an intense finisher.
3. Stepup. LEVEL UP DIFFERENCE: A close cousin of the lunge, stepups are a great exercise performed by many athletes. Stepping with one leg calls balance and function into play.
4. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift. LEVEL UP DIFFERENCE: Any great hamstring-training program should include RDLs. Mixing in the single-leg version is good for ensuring a weaker leg doesn’t fall too far behind the stronger one.
5. Lying Leg Curl. LEVEL UP DIFFERENCE: While the variations for leg curls are limited—lying, seated, and standing are just about it—the objective is the same: Isolate the hamstrings to create size in the backs of the legs.
6. Hack Squat. LEVEL UP DIFFERENCE: Switching from a lying back leg press machine to hack squats is simply a matter of varying the stimulus on the quads, glutes, and hammies.

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30Minute LowerBody Strength Workout SELF

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1. Reverse Lunge - Alternating Sides. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and core engaged. Step back with your right foot and bend both knees to 90 degrees to sink into a lunge.
2. Forearm Plank to Dolphin. Start in a forearm plank with your forearms on the floor, elbows directly underneath your shoulders, hands palms down and facing forward so that your arms are parallel, and legs extended behind you.
3. Curtsy Lunge to Lateral Lunge - Repeat on Each Side. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a weight with both hands at chest height. Alternatively, hold a weight in each hand and rest them on the tops of your shoulders with your palms facing in toward each other and your elbows bent.
4. Biceps Curl to Overhead Press. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, holding a weight in each hand with your arms at your sides, palms facing inward (hammer style).
5. Reverse Lunge - Alternating Sides. For your reps, alternate sides each time. So do a lunge with your right leg, then do one with your left leg—that's 2 reps.
6. Forearm Plank to Dolphin. Start in a forearm plank with your forearms on the floor, elbows directly underneath your shoulders, hands facing forward so that your arms are parallel, and legs extended behind you.
7. Pin This Workout! Pin or save this workout banner so you can easily reference it on the go. All images and gifs: Photographer: Katie Thompson. Stylist: Rika Watanabe.

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An EasytoFollow LowerBody Strength Routine For …

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Bodyweight exercises are totally sufficient for resistance training, not to mention super convenient and free. But when it comes to reaching some …

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MOVE! Physical Activity Handout P32: Sample …

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Sample Strength Activity Plan for Beginners About Strength Exercise To do most of the strength exercises in this plan, you will need to lift or push weights (or your own body weight), and gradually increase the amount of weight used. Dumbbells and hand/ ankle weights sold in sporting goods stores as well as resistance tubing can be purchased.

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The Best LowerBody Workouts For Your Legs, Hips, …

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Lower-body strength helps you maintain functional movement patterns, such as picking something up off the ground (think: deadlifts) or sitting down on a chair (squats). Without a strong lower body, it would be a struggle just to get yourself up off the floor.

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The Benefits Of Building LowerBody Strength …

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Why Lower-Body Strength Is So Important. Considering you use your legs every day for any number of tasks, it's not hard to see why building up your lower body is beneficial — critical, even. A toned butt is a happy bonus to benefits like lower body fat percentage, increased muscular endurance and reduced risk of chronic diseases. 1.

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Lower Body Workout 15 AtHome Exercises For Women

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1. High Knees. Target – Quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. Stand straight with your feet close. Extend your hands in front of you, with the palms facing down.
2. Squat. Target – Glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, and shoulders rolled back. Keep your core engaged.
3. Jump Squat. Target – Glutes, quads, hamstrings, adductors, and calves. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Roll your shoulders back and keep your core engaged.
4. Alternating Side Lunge. Target – Adductors, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Shift more of your weight on your left side.
5. Plie Squat Calf Raise. Target – Calves, adductors, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Stand with your feet wider apart than shoulder-width. Squat down and slowly raise both your heels off the floor.
6. Wall Sit. Target – Quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Stand with your upper back, lower back, and hips against a wall. Squat down and get into a sitting position.
7. Lunge. Target – Quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, hands on your waist, shoulders rolled back, and core engaged.
8. Standing Side Leg Kicks. Target – Adductors, abductors, hip flexors, glutes, quads, hamstrings. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
9. Hip Thrust. Target – Glutes, hamstrings, quads. Sit and place your upper back against a bench or sofa. Place your hands on the sofa, flex your knees, and keep your feet flat on the floor.
10. Donkey Kicks. Target – Glutes, hamstrings, quads. Get on all fours. Lift your right foot and knee off the floor. Without extending the leg straight, kick your right heel up toward the ceiling.

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6 Best LowerBody Workout Moves AtHome Exercises For

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Whether you want to lose weight or just make everyday movement easier, focus on strengthening your legs, thighs, and calves. Try this 20-minute lower-body workout at home.

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Fitness Consulting, Workout Programs, & Exercise Education

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A 4 day/wk, 10+ week weight training program designed to target strength and hypertrophy through a simple upper/lower body split. All movement patterns are hit twice a week. This routine is best suited for intermediate to advanced lifters. Intermediate level lifters should see significant size and strength gains.

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8 EquipmentFree Exercises For Your Lower Body Aaptiv

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1. Glute Bridges. To build strength in your butt and your hamstrings, without adding stress to the joints, do this move, says McFaden. Start by lying on your back, knees bent, and feet planted on the floor.
2. Walking Lunges. The perfect exercise to work on balance and target your entire lower body, this move takes the typical lunge in a forward motion. Start by standing.
3. Plié Squat. Work your backside and your inner thighs in one move. Start by standing, feet wider than your hips, and toes pointed slightly outward. Drop your hips down, keeping your chest up, until your hips come just below your knees.
4. Single-Leg Deadlift. A killer way to work on balance, this will fire up the stabilizing muscles of your standing leg. Start by standing on your right leg, with a slight bend in the knee.
5. Kneeling Jump Squat. An advanced version of your classic bodyweight squat, you’ll burn more calories by turning on your aerobic system—and getting your heart pumping with this exercise.
6. Plyo Lunges. Another exercise that uses your explosive power, focus on spending more time in the air, and less time on the ground with this move. “This is a progressive exercise that I enjoy because it develops power, coordination, and really gets your heart rate up,” says Emmons.
7. Plyo Single-Leg Deadlift. You should feel this exercise in your hamstrings and glutes—you’ll be working on balance and explosiveness. Stand on your right leg, with a slight bend in the knee.
8. Box Jump. “I like this movement because you can measure your progress over time,” says Emmons. Once you get comfortable with one height, bump it up to a higher step.

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Lower Body Strength Training Guidelines YouTube

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www.athleticdevelopment.ie/Guidelines for beginners to Lower Body Strength TrainingMore exercises and coach education at: www.athleticdevelopment.ie/

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3 LowerBody Workouts For Women Bodybuilding.com

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Beginner Lower-Body Workout. This no-equipment-required, beginning lower-body workout is perfect for newbies to weight training or exercisers who have taken a hiatus from the gym. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, working at your own pace to get as many good reps as you can in that time.

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How To Create A Strength Training Program Part 1: Lower

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Wall Sits (bodyweight concentric holding training) 3 sets of 30 seconds. In the examples shown, you have great selection of exercises that all strengthen the lower body, but also have their own benefits beyond just leg strength, as …

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Lower Body Strengthening Exercises For Kids Pink Oatmeal

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Building lower body strength in kids doesn’t have to be boring! Even traditional lower body exercises for kids can be made fun by adding a little twist. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite lower body strengthening exercises for kids.

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Fifteen Essential Lower Body Exercises To Add To Your Training

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1. The dumbbell squatis an excellent exercise that will develop the glutes and quadriceps as well as building core strength and stability. 1. Stand upright ensuring that your feet are placed underneath the hips 2. Hold a pair of dumbbells so that they are by the sides of the hips 3. Lift your chest, pull your shoulders back and down, and engage the core 4. Bend at the hips and knees and drop the backside down towards the floor 5. Continue descending until your thighs are parallel with the floor...
2. The goblet squat is very similar to the dumbbell squat and works the same muscle groups. The only difference between the two is the position of the dumbbell. 1. Begin by standing upright and placing the feet directly under the hips 2. Using one dumbbell only, hold it vertically and cup the top end with both hands 3. Hold the dumbbell tight to the chest and ensure that the elbows point directly down 4. Lift your chest, pull your shoulders back and down, and engage the core 5. Bend at the hips...

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Lower Back Bodyweight Exercises ACE

5 hours ago Acefitness.org Show details

Low-back pain (LBP) is the most common chronic pain issue in the U.S., with 60 to 80% of adults struggling with it on a regular basis. While many conditions can lead to LBP, inadequate core strength is a common causal factor. Increased sedentary jobs and sitting time can lead to muscle imbalances and weak core musculature, putting the low back at increased …

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The Effects Of Shortterm Unilateral And Bilateral Lower

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The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of short-term unilateral resistance training (UL) and bilateral resistance training (BL) with free weights on several tests of unilateral and bilateral lower-body strength and power in men and women. Thirty-eight untrained men and women (mean body

Author: Kevin W. McCurdy, George A. Langford, Michael Doscher, Larry P. Wiley, Kim G. Mallard
Publish Year: 2005

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Growing Stronger Strength Training For Older Adults

7 hours ago Cdc.gov Show details

Strength training requires little time and minimal equipment. And it’s safe, even for people with health prob-lems. The strength training “prescription” featured here— the motivational tips, safety precautions, and specific exercises—was developed at the Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Sarcopenia Laboratory at Tufts University.

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Strengthen Your Legs Human Resources

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This exercise works almost all of the muscles in the lower body and is a great way to build leg strength. This is a must-have in your program if you decide to begin resistance training. While squatting, be sure to keep you feet flat and push up through your heels. Keep your back flat and your torso upright and look straight ahead.

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10 Lower Body Workouts Anyone Can Try At Home

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To get started, try a lower body workout from the list below. 10 Great Lower Body Workouts. This will give you an overview of some workout combinations that will help you build lower body strength using your own body weight. In the next section, we’ll go deeper and give you an overview of each major exercise. 1. The Starter Workout

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The Ultimate LowerBody Workouts For Legs Muscle & Fitness

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Day 1, Exercise 1 Dumbbell Overhead Bulgarian Split Squat. Sets: 4–5, Reps: 8–12 each side. START: Grasp a light dumbbell in one hand, stand erect and place the top or toes of the same-side foot on a box or bench behind you, knee bent. Press the weight overhead so your arm is directly over your shoulder.

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Strength Training For Older Adults Part 1: Lower Body

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Strength training is an important intervention for mitigating the decline in muscle mass allowing older adults to maintain physical function and independence. However, often strength training is under-dosed and underutilized. Barbell training and other forms of resistance provide opportunities to strengthen muscles in patterns similar to those

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Weight Training : How To Build Up Lower Body Strength

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Lower body strength is just as important as upper body strength. Build up lower body strength with help from a long time personal trainer in this free video

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The Importance Of Lower Body Exercise • Physique Sports

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The importance of leg training. Like all areas of training such as upper-body and core, leg day is just as important. Despite the fact that well-developed legs look good, a strong, muscular lower body will assist your body’s endurance levels, and support the rest of your body’s strength in a very powerful way.

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Serious Strength Program – Lower Body Workout Get

1 hours ago Gethealthyutv.com Show details

Annually $ 159.00. Description. It’s leg day! Yay! If you are ready to have tight thighs and a nice strong rear end, then take hold of your heavy dumbbells and join us for this Lower Body Serious Strength Workout! This workout is all about your lower body! No cardio, no fluff, just serious strength. Learn the art of slow, heavy training for

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20 Best Bodyweight Exercises For A Lower Body Workout

6 hours ago Mirafit.co.uk Show details

As you can see, you can get a full, lower body workout using just your bodyweight. And if you want to work your upper body too, check out our 20 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Upper Body. If you want to take your training a step further, you can …

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Four Types Of Exercise Can Improve Your Health And

5 hours ago Nia.nih.gov Show details

Many lower-body strength exercises also will improve your balance. Balance exercises include: Tai Chi, a "moving meditation" that involves shifting the body slowly, gently, and precisely, while breathing deeply. Standing on one foot. The heel-to-toe walk. The balance walk. Standing from a seated position. Safety Tips

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Upper/Lower Split: The Best Workout Plan? ISSA

5 hours ago Issaonline.com Show details

Research is clear, though, that the most effective and efficient way to schedule strength training is to split workouts into upper- and lower-body sessions. Because of this, you should try to get your clients into the weight room to work on strength at least a few times each week for optimal health and fitness.

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15 Simple Tricks For True Lowerbody Strength

7 hours ago Menshealth.com Show details

(Related video: 54 step-up variations for building lower-body strength) Photography: Getty This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users

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Lower Body Workout For Women Weight Loss & Training

2 hours ago Weightlossandtraining.com Show details

I’ve developed a lower body workout specifically for women. Here’s what you need to do according to your own workout and fitness goals: Burn Fat: 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions per set. Tighten & Tone: 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions per set. Build Muscle & Strength: 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions per set. And here are the exercises.

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The Posteriorchain Workout ACE

3 hours ago Acefitness.org Show details

Lower the hand to the floor and repeat. Complete one set on one side and then switch to the other arm. To regress the exercise, perform the rows while standing with a slight hinge at the hips. Single-leg Glute Bridge. This exercise maximizes lower-body and posterior-chain strength. How to Perform: Lie on your back and place the feet on the ground.

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Effect Of LowerBody Resistance Training On UpperBody

5 hours ago Journals.lww.com Show details

Bartolomei, S, Hoffman, JR, Stout, JR, and Merni, F. Effect of lower-body resistance training on upper-body strength adaptation in trained men. J Strength Cond Res 32(1): 13–18, 2018—The aim of this study was to examine the effect of 2 different lower-body strength training schemes on upper-body adaptations to resistance training.

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Strength Training App The Anatomy & Biomechanics Of

3 hours ago Muscleandmotion.com Show details

The ‘Muscle&Motion – Strength Training app’ contains the entire ‘Muscle&Motion – Anatomy’ app as well as additional chapters! Watch more than 2000+ unique videos of all muscles in the human muscular system – in 3D. This section demonstrates the connection points and movements that every muscle performs in fascinating animations.

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Push, Pull, Legs: The Workouts, Splits And Benefits

1 hours ago Menshealth.com Show details

Push, Pull, Legs: An Expert’s Opinion. Now that you're au-fait with the push, pull, legs methodology, let's start to unpack what makes …

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(DOC) Peh Julienne Tadao Academia.edu

7 hours ago Academia.edu Show details

A. body type and composition B. susceptibility to stress-related illnesses C. degree of strength and flexibility that can be achieved with fitness training D. quality of relationships with friends, teachers, and classmates 5 Physical Education (22) Practice Test 5.

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Lesson Title: Train Like An Astronaut NASA

4 hours ago Nasa.gov Show details

Keywords: body weight squats, push-ups, upper body strength, lower body strength, strength training Do a Spacewalk! Students will train to increase muscular strength and improve upper and lower body coordination by …

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Best Lower Body Workout For Women To Build A Sexy Lower Body

4 hours ago Askthetrainer.com Show details

To get that gorgeous lower body, you need the perfect balance of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Performing the best lower body workout for women alone isn’t going to be enough for everybody’s fitness goals. Neglecting either strength training or cardio training will sabotage your long term fat loss goals.

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TheMindfulBody Lower Body Practice

9 hours ago Mindfulbody.com Show details

The lower body includes some of the largest muscles in the body, muscles that are involved in almost every movement we make, from standing and walking to running and squatting. Working these muscles means you'll not only build strength

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MamasteFit Training Program MamasteFit

2 hours ago Mamastefit.teachable.com Show details

Week of Training. Our programming consists of four weekly training sessions, split between two lower body focused training days and two upper body focused training days. There is an optional add on to your subscription for conditioning and core strengthening workouts. Each day begins with mobility routine, and warm up sequence for either upper

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Exercise Help And Information

Just Now Bellaonline.com Show details

Bellaonline Exercise has free full body workouts, cardio workouts, fitness tips, fitness plans, fitness product reviews, ab workouts, quick workouts, and more. Great Circuit Training Workout. Terri Johansen. Add these best strength exercise for the Lower Body to your workout and see great results. Your Core Source of Strength and Stability.

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Agerelated Decrease In Physical Activity And Functional

3 hours ago Ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Show details

Similarly, lower-body strength (30-second chair stand) had significantly decreased by 12% in men and 14% in women. Agility (8-foot up and go) was also significantly lower in men by 16% and women by 9%, whilst aerobic endurance (2-minute step test) had decreased by only 1% (P = 0.66) in women compared to 10% (P < 0.05) in men.

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Rebuild BRAND CO

7 hours ago Rebuildbrandco.com Show details

This is a 6 week, minimal equipment program that focuses on introducing athletes safely to building strength for the the handstand push-up and one arm chin-up. While simultaneously increasing lower body strength and mobility. There is also bonus handstand training session.

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Bodyweight Training: Is It Effective For Strength

1 hours ago Mayoclinic.org Show details

Yes. Body-weight training — using only your body weight for resistance — can be an effective type of strength training and a good addition to your fitness program. Body-weight training can be as effective as training with free weights or weight machines. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends getting at least 150 minutes of

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Muscular Assessment University Of New Mexico

1 hours ago Unm.edu Show details

Muscular strength is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to generate maximal force, whereas, muscular endurance describes the muscle’s ability to exert successive submaximal force for a certain period of time. Initially, personal trainers need to determine whether to test for strength or endurance, and then select the appropriate assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lower-body strength?

Lower-body strength is a major component of all those activities and more. The stronger your lower body, the easier it will feel to run hills or tackle an intense hike or finally squat that new one-rep max.

What are the benefits of lower-body strength training?

The perks of building lower-body strength go way beyond how your legs look in that #gymselfie. Cycling works your quads, while squats build hamstring and glute strength for a balanced leg workout.

How to design the best lower-body workout?

How to Design the Best Lower-Body Workout. To create an effective lower-body workout routine, start with your biggest muscle groups. Choose any moves you like, but begin with compound (multi-joint) and bilateral (working both sides of your body) exercises that hit your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

What is the right weight for lower-body exercises?

The right weight for lower-body exercises will be different for everyone. Use a combination of moderate to heavy weights for 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps, and light to moderate weights for 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps. Ideally, you should finish your last set of each exercise unable to perform any extra reps.

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