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Senior Computer Classes To Try Online For FREE Medicare

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1. Skillful Senior. Skillful Senior is perfect for anyone getting behind a computer for the first time. Touting their product as “Quick, Easy, and Fun” – this simple computer skills program has easy-to-understand tutorials on the basics of using a mouse and keyboard.
2. CTDLC Basic Online Skills. The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium’s “Basic Online Skills” tutorial is a short, simple introduction to basic computing.
3. The Senior’s Guide to Computers. The Senior’s Guide to Computers uses examples, pictures, and videos to explain in simple terms how computers work. Authored by a web developer with experience dating back to 1979, the step-by-step instructions go beyond just the basics – including information on web browsers, hardware, software, computer security, backing up data, and setting up a computer for individuals with vision, hearing, and other disabilities.
4. Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc. – offers over 2,000 lessons on over 180 topics. A highly comprehensive online classroom, users can learn how to use Microsoft Office programs (e.g., Word, Excel, Outlook), email, social media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram), image editing programs, and even begin a new career – just to name a few.
5. Meganga. Meganga is a video-based learning tool that offers basic computer training for seniors and beginners. Users can watch videos on tech-related topics such as understanding the parts of a computer, navigating the desktop, and learning how to troubleshoot common issues.
6. TechBoomers. When the founder of TechBoomers discovered there were few websites aimed at helping older adults learn how to use the web interfaces of technology companies, he created his own.
Published: Aug 09, 2018

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Top Free Computer Classes For Seniors MedicareFAQ

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(888) 258-3682Top Free Computer Classes for Seniors: Intermediate and Advanced After mastering the basics of computing, moving on to intermediate or advanced classes interest many seniors. Subjects like advanced computer applications, program design, data analysis, and even cybersecurity are topics these courses cover.

Phone: (888) 258-3682
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Computer Training For Seniors: Free Computers 101 Class

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I have learned through the years that a large number of senior citizens have taken advantage of my free computer training. Quite often, these are good folks that missed the computer revolution and they are trying to catch up. Free Computer Training Classes for Seniors: thank you and enjoy. Fundamentals: Computers 101

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Computer Classes For Senior Citizens 2021

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314-862-2933There is also a place called where they offer to find free computer and digital technology classes at local senior centers, church halls, public libraries or employment centers, across 30 U.S. cities. You can contact them on line or by telephone: 314-862-2933 ext. 272.

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Free College Courses For Senior Citizens In All 50 States

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1. Alabama. Alabama seniors can attend any two-year institution within the state tuition-free. Adults 60 and older should contact the financial aid office at any community college for admission and eligibility details.
2. Alaska. The University of Alaska waives tuition for senior-citizen residents who receive full social security benefits. Seniors must wait until the first day of classes to enroll to ensure that there’s space remaining; they must also complete a tuition-waiver form.
3. Arizona. All 10 campuses of Maricopa Community College allow senior citizens to take classes for credit at 50% of the full tuition cost. Students 65 and older must register between the first and second class sessions of the semester to ensure space is available.
4. Arkansas. Arkansas waives tuition for anyone 60 and over who wants to work toward an undergraduate or graduate degree at state institutions. Student fees may apply and senior citizens may only register for classes with space available.
5. California. California State University waives all tuition and dramatically reduces campus fees for residents age 60 or older.
6. Colorado. Students age 55 and older may attend class on a space-available basis at Colorado State University. There is no tuition fee, but visitors don’t get credit for attending class.
7. Connecticut. Residents 62 and up may attend state colleges, including community colleges, for free on a space-available basis. At Central Connecticut State University, for example, tuition is waived for any resident over the age of 62 who applies for full- or part-time admission for a degree-granting program.
8. Delaware. The University of Delaware, Delaware State University, and Delaware Technical and Community College all permit state residents age 60 or older to audit or take classes for credit for free.
9. District of Columbia. Senior citizens 65 and up may audit undergraduate courses from Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies. These students pay a fee of $50 per course.
10. Florida. The Florida college system waives application, tuition and student fees for those age 60 and above, but colleges will award no credit and will grant admission on a space-available basis.

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How To Get Free Computers For Seniors In 2021 18 Best Ways

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1. Institutions and programs that grant free computers to seniors. Usually, when a lot of MNCs and agencies replace their electronics, they give away the used ones for charity.
2. Microsoft Refurbisher Directory. The Microsoft Refurbisher Directory is a website that will track and locate all the registered computer refurbishers in your locality.
3. Computers with Causes. “Computers with causes” is a welfare program that donates refurbished laptops, computers, and tablets to the people in need across the USA.
4. Computer Recycling Center. CRC is a non-profit organization that provides free computers and laptops to senior citizens. Electronic gadgets are not brand new, considering the notion that most of them are donated.
5. Freecycle Network. Freecycle Network is also a non-profit organization that grants free computers and laptops to anyone in need. They have a broad network to reduce, collect, and recycle electronic waste daily.
6. Regional level schemes. They are different organizations that give way free laptops and computers to senior citizens locally. There are always regional level schemes that might assist if you could not reach out to the programs mentioned above.
7. Smart Riverside Digital Inclusion Program. This program might help you if you live near Riverside, California. It is a collaborative welfare program sponsored by the Government and non-governmental organizations to provide free computers and laptops to low-income groups, especially those who earn less than 45,000$ p.a.
8. Free Geek. Free Geek is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon. The organization works to recreate e-waste and provide free refurbished computers to schools and community agencies.
9. Local sources. Many legitimate local sources provide free computers to senior citizens but don’t necessarily advertise. All you got to do is search patiently for leads and reach out.
10. Senior Community Centers. Generally, community centers render a wide range of services to senior citizens, including basic computer training, skill enhancement courses, and many more.

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States Offer Free Or LowCost Classes For Older Adults

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By Stacy Rapacon · Feb 05, 2020 · 10 mins to read

1. Alabama. Alabama offers a scholarship program for older adults, giving state residents who are 60 or older free tuition at participating two-year public colleges, that is, community colleges.
2. Alaska. The University of Alaska system — including the University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Alaska Anchorage and University of Alaska Southeast — offers a tuition waiver to state residents who are eligible for full Social Security benefits.
3. Arizona. Sorry, older Arizona residents; no free classes for you. But some colleges offer reduced tuition. For example, Maricopa County residents ages 65 and up pay just half the in-county tuition at all 10 Maricopa Community Colleges campuses.
4. Arkansas. Arkansas requires all state-supported schools to waive tuition for any enrolled students who are 60 or older. Contact each school's financial aid office for more information.
5. California. Californians who are at least 60 years old can attend classes tuition-free at any of the California State University's 23 campuses. (Note that Fullerton's program is currently full.)
6. Colorado. A few Colorado schools offer programs for older adults to audit classes for free. At Colorado State University, you have to be age 55 or older to qualify.
7. Connecticut. Connecticut residents who are at least 62 years old can attend any state college for free, whether you want to pursue a degree or audit a class.
8. Delaware. State residents 60 and up can take classes, for credit or audit, at the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, and Delaware Technical and Community College.
9. District of Columbia. The University of the District of Columbia's Institute of Gerontology waives tuition and fees for courses at both UDC's Community College and Van Ness Campus for D.C.
10. Florida. Florida residents 60 and older can get a tuition waiver for classes audited at any state university, including the University of Florida, Florida State University and the University of West Florida.

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Best 30 Free Computer Classes In Los Angeles, CA With

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(213) 388-5558Computer & Technology Schools Business & Vocational Schools Industrial, Technical & Trade Schools. (213) 388-5558. 3200 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010. From Business: WLS's mission is to provide high quality English Instruction to International students and non-native speakers of English to improve their communicative,…. 5.

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Colorado Free University Adult Education And Classes In

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Computer Training. Computer training at Colorado Free University is designed for people who want to upgrade their skills to find a new job or advance in their current position. We offer classes for very beginners to get comfortable using their computer and email.

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Classes And Courses For Older People Further Education

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If you’re interested in signing up to an online course, the following websites are a great source of information: The National Careers Service has information about mainly career-focussed courses, great if you are looking for a career change or want to progress in your existing job.; Open Learn by the Open University offers lots of free online courses on a huge range of topics.

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Free Online Computer Courses For Adults ThoughtCo

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1. GCFLearnFree: This treasure trove of free classes is designed for all computer owners, whether you're a PC, Mac, or Linux fan. Free classes cover email, internet browsing, and Mac and Windows basics.
2. Alison: "ALISON ABC IT" is a free online information technology course that teaches everyday computing as it relates to work and life. The course focuses on Microsoft Office applications and touch typing.
3. Home and Learn: All the free online tutorials at the Home and Learn site are aimed toward complete beginners—you don't need any experience to get started.
4. Free-ed: Free-ed offers a comprehensive collection of free e-books, courses, and tutorials. Subjects include computer programming, operating systems, database operations, and web scripting, and as well as more advanced topics like design, networking, communications, game design, animation, and virtual reality.
5. Meganga: Meganga provides free basic computer training for beginners and seniors. The video tutorials cover computer basics, Windows, troubleshooting, Word, Outlook, and other topics.

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Computer Classes For Seniors: 7 Courses To Improve Your

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By Preet Anand · Oct 15, 2020 · 9 mins to read

1. The Senior's Guide To Computers. The Senior’s Guide to Computers is designed to help seniors who are beginners at using technology. They offer basic computer training including how to use different web browsers, set up your computer to address accessibility, send emails, and other basic tasks.
2. Skillful Senior. Skillful Senior offers a “quick, easy, and fun” interface that helps seniors learn computer basics. The site is designed for beginner to intermediate users and focuses on basic computer skills, including how to use a mouse, typing techniques, and computer ergonomics.
3. Goodwill Community Foundation Inc. — provided by the Goodwill Community Foundation — features a simple interface that makes it easy for seniors to find computer classes.
4. TechBoomers. TechBoomers offers free video tutorials and articles for a variety of different websites and applications. Here, you’ll find free tutorials on popular tools including using Airbnb, Skype, YouTube, and selling on eBay.
5. Meganga. Meganga offers free computer training courses using video tutorials that are easy to follow. Their instructional videos cover everything from basic computer skills such as using a mouse and understanding the desktop to more advanced videos, including how to use Microsoft Office programs like Excel, Access, and Outlook.
6. YouTube. If you already know the basics of using a computer, YouTube can be an invaluable resource when learning how to use new programs or develop more advanced computer skills.
7. In-Person Classes. During non-pandemic times, in-person computer classes can be a good option for senior citizens who are just getting started with technology or who want a little more hands-on support when learning new computer skills.
8. Books. If learning online or in-person isn’t your thing, there are also books that help seniors master using computers. Some popular options include Computers for Seniors — which offers step-by-step guidance from turning on your computer to sending emails, sharing photos of your pets or family members, and checking the weather — as well as Easy Computing for Seniors, which covers all the basics and is written with seniors in mind.

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Take A Free Class Services City Of Philadelphia

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The Free Library of Philadelphia offers a wide variety of free classes at branches around the city. Additionally, the Office of Children and Families provides free adult education classes through a citywide network of community providers. To explore available classes, see: Adult education at the Free Library. Other programs and services at the

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22 Free Online Courses For Senior Citizens (Updated 2021)

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1. This “click through” course offered by The Vanguard Group, Inc. is easy to get through. You simply click on the links that apply to you and follow the information as it’s presented. There are several options for all stages of life, and information on everything from social security to money management. This kind of course is typical on investment websites. We listed the one on Vanguard, but if you have your retirement with Merrill Lynch (for example) there is a very good chance that they, too...
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Senior Education Del Mar College

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Senior Education. The senior adult program provides and promotes educational opportunities and support services to improve the quality of life of senior adults in our diverse community. The program assists senior citizens 55 and older with personal enrichment classes or prepares them for employment if considering re-entering into the workforce.

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The 10 Best Adult Computer Classes Near Me (with Free

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You can take computer classes or lessons from an instructor near you. Use Thumbtack to find top-rated computer teachers in your area, and get price quotes from several experts who seem like a great fit. When evaluating potential instructors, find out if they offer virtual or in-person lessons.

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Free Senior Citizen Education Resources LoveToKnow

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AARP SCSEP Training. The AARP offers free job training to low-income individuals age 55 years and over through the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). Funded by the United States Department of Labor, this free senior citizen education program is designed to help mature individuals acquire job-related skills needed to enter, or to re-enter, the workforce.

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Free Courses For Seniors Online And Oncampus Courses

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Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113) Seniors seeking roles in a range of early childhood education settings would benefit from this course. You will gain a range of knowledge and skills including caring for children, keeping children …

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How To Become Tech Savvy Seniors In 10 Days Updated For

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718-360-1707For New York City resident seniors, OATS organizes free technology courses to seniors in 70 locations across the city. They can be reached at 718-360-1707 or online at Becoming Tech Savvy Seniors. It may sound fancy and unrealistic to some, but it …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find free computer classes for senior citizens?

There is also a place called where they offer to find free computer and digital technology classes at local senior centers, church halls, public libraries or employment centers, across 30 U.S. cities. You can contact them on line or by telephone: 314-862-2933 ext. 272

Where can I get free college education for senior citizens?

Some offer discounted or free educational opportunities to senior citizens. The state of Alabama, for example, sponsors a scholarship program for senior adults. This program provides free in-state tuition at two-year colleges to individuals 60 and over who qualify for admission.

Are there any free online classes for computers?

Online computer classes range for users of all types. Starting at a basic level for beginners, moving to intermediate and advanced levels. Training classes, software programs, and apps offer free services for anyone trying to navigate through the technology world.

Where can I get a computer for free?

Generally, community centers render a wide range of services to senior citizens, including basic computer training, skill enhancement courses, and many more. Senior Community Centers will be an excellent platform to search for local sources providing free computers to seniors.

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